Soffit and Fascia Installation/Repair



Homeowners often overlook the soffit and fascia. These two elements are very important as they work together to complement the look of a house and, at the same time, provide useful protection to the interior of the house and to the roofing system. The soffit and fascia guarantees that the wood remains in good condition, and has a more durable life, enduring for much longer.

Why are the soffit and fascia important?

The soffit and fascia are very important and essential as they serve valuable purposes in your home. The soffit is important because it allows a constant flow of air between the roof and the attic of your roof, it also prevents the accumulation of moisture.

The fascia is important because it is lined with aluminum to prevent winter damage to the wood so that it lasts long, and it helps to have a better support for the gutter when installing, that helps to maintain a better guarantee for your home. Remember, don’t hesitate if you think your soffit and fascia need repair! Act fast, you can save yourself costly damage and help preserve the aesthetic beauty of your home’s exterior.

Soffit and Fascia Installation 

We understand how important the gutter system in your home is to maintaining quality and long-lasting protection against moisture and harsh weather conditions.
We use the highest quality fascias and soffits made of aluminum and long lasting vinyl to care for your home. We always worry about having a good finish when installing the soffit and fascia, we will cut to size and bend according to your measurement to leave a fantastic finish.

Benefits of good maintenance:

  • Better attic temperature control
  • Reduced Ice Buildup 
  • Easier and less frequent maintenance
  • Savings on future damage and cost of repair

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